Menno & Aleksandra

Best wishes from the Netherlands,

Hi Shaan, Menno & AleksandraThank you for organizing our Rajasthan tour. In almost two weeks, we travelled from Delhi to Udaipur via Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Khimsar and Deogarh. We enjoyed the trip very much. It was an unforgettable experience. We saw a great deal of things. Especially Taj Mahal and Mehrangarh Fort were quite impressive. The tour was perfectly arranged and everything occurred on time. We had a car and a driver at our disposal all the time. It was nice to travel with Arvind. We highly appreciate his driving skills and the way he managed to cope with chaotic Indian traffic. We stayed at many good hotels. We liked most Jagat Niwas in Udaipur and Taj Resorts in Agra for their perfect location and proximity to many sights.


Hi Shaan When I noticed that we were the 1st Asian group that Shaan is handling, I was quite hesitated for the reasons being
      Does he know how to handle Asian tourist, we have differences in demand.
      will he overcharged us.
      Does his subordinates know how to handle Asian tourist. As a service orientated industry personnel myself, his prompt, informative replies & patient impressed me much that I have chosen his agency to handle
Adding a home stay as part of the accommodation is interesting. The range of hotels were good especially at Udaipur, we were much impressed with the Jagat Niwas heritage hotel, from small lanes, small entrance but BIG surprise! The vehicle was materialized as promised. The driver was responsible, helpful & co-operative too. Requests & comments during the journey that we made were solved quite instantly. Overall we had a good time during the 16 days. I do not know whether we had the lowest rate & best deal but I do believe that what you pay is what you get! Anyway it fits our budget too. Our coming soon trip down the months will be his responsibility again.

Patrick Maitland

25 Erica Rd, Durbanville Hills 7550, South Africa

Hello Shaan Saxena, Thank you for the photos. We would like to thank you for organising a wonderful tour for us. The extra attention and service you gave us was fantastic Your choice of hotels was excellent. We liked them all. We had a lovely room at Udiapur with a view of the lake, a romantic hotel at Jodhpur, the Paradys Hotel in the fort was a little rustic but its position was great, a magnificent hotel at Ochra, the Radeson was a surprise and Cynthia enjoyed the pool, the rooms in Sikkim were enormous, etc. I had read on the Internet about the bad drivers in India, but after traveling with your drivers, I am of the opinion that they must be the best in the world. I know of no South African who could cope with your driving conditions. Some of the road surfaces were dreadful, but India seems to be slowly rectifying this. In about five years, they should have a good main road system. We were surprised because the layout was different to South African trains. Here we have a passage with one row of compartments, each with wooden doors. In India there is a middle passage. On one side is four berth compartments, on the other side of the passage is a row of lower and upper bunks with a linen curtain,. Our sleeping allocation was an upper bunk in a two-berth compartment and another upper bunk on the other side of the passage. We thought that we were getting a two-berth compartment. Cynthia was so upset that she tried to upgrade to first class, but was told that there was no first class. The bottom-bunk holder swopped with Cynthia. So she could sleep on the lower bunk. I just climbed to my top bunk and went to sleep, but Cynthia had a restless night.Second-class overnight is not a good option for some elderly female travelers. We liked the camel ride and sunset, the elephant ride, and watching the sunrise at Darjeeling. We were amazed to see the turnout for the sunrise. It seemed as if the whole town was there. Prices for eats and refreshments were different at your hotels compared with higher-class tourist hotels. At our hotel in Udiapur we were paying about 100 Rupees for a Kingfisher beer; we went to eat at a tourist hotel restaurant and paid 360 Rupees for the same beer. Please let us know if there is any help you require in promoting your tourist business. We have just finished organising a concert, and have another coming up in 12 days, with a party for about 500 elderly people. We are quite busy until 2 December, after that it is quieter.


Shaan Congratulations and thanks to you for your Golden Triangle Tour! It well satisfied our beginners’ curiosity for the wonders of India. We thank you for your guidance and trust in us, as we didn’t know where to turn with the myriad of possibilities online. Thank you for your courtesy in your ever prompt email responses. The following commentary is from our personal experience, for your reference. Money: it would have been nice to be notified that the exchange rate is best online. The tourists could have Indian Rupees in hand on arrival, instead of playing suckers to the worst rate at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. A few extra hundred Rupees do make a difference. Small denomination Rupees make tipping easy. We’re used to self-help in the U.S. but in India helpers rush up and mostly demand to be tipped. Otherwise have a lot of $1 bills ready. The only person complaining of the currency was the elephant boy in Agra. (By the way, elephants don’t go uphill anymore, maybe a blessing in disguise). Hotels: - a. Palace Heights Hotel in New Delhi: wonderful despite tight quarters, only somewhat hard our promised twin beds didn’t materialize. Construction necessitated ingress/ egress through piles of rubbles, hopefully that’s history by Commonwealth Games this Fall. The attached Zaffron Restaurant is convenient, delightful, with superb service. b. Grand Imperial in Agra and Shapura House in Jaipur: some local flavor, clean/ comfortable with A.C., rooftop dining option, well-maintained grounds. c. Mandawa Haveli: almost not livable, no A.C., cramped, rundown with junky floor rugs, bathroom full of mosquitoes. I did chose this myself, but your judgment was essential since you had seen it I hadn’t, and online reviews were mixed. This is the only place I strongly recommend be dropped. Itinerary: We skipped lunch everyday so that we were able to finish the scheduled itinerary early, to rest until cooler temperatures at dinner. Delhi was most fun due to its variety of attractions. We found Sikandra and Fatepur Sikri on the way to/from Agra too similar to each other and others and opted to skip. Jaipur was also wonderfully different. Mandawa was another story: it’s so far out – 5 hrs from either Jaipur or Delhi, and so rundown, I believe only die-hards can appreciate it. Now having seen it, I would have chosen it only if much easier to reach because the roads were clogged and with not much to see. Mandawa was not worth the grand effort. Season: - Online weather info can only be taken with a grain of salt, March was too hot and best be avoided. We were lucky the car’s A.C. broke down in your headquarters Jaipur such that a different car could be substituted. A.C. maintenance cannot be overlooked, especially with constant use. Please thank our driver Narendra profusely for keeping our safety as priority. He didn't have an itinerary though, I gave him mine brought from home.

Warren & Ingrid

My wife and I enjoyed our recent (April, 2011) tour of India very much, thanks to the careful planning, and meticulous execution, of our guide, Mr. Shaan Saxena - proprietor of Premium India Tour. Shaan is a sincere, reliable, and service-oriented young man of 34 years of age with a wonderful family, all residing in the historic city of Jaipur - which was one of the highlights of our tour of India. Due to Shaan's efforts, and those of our driver Hyma, our trip to India was safe, relaxed, enjoyable, and complete to our specification with a focus on India's culture, history, and the day-to-day reality faced by the citizens of India residing in those cities which we had the pleasure of visiting.

Janny linda

We were very nervous at first because we thought we would be having quite a few problems because of the language and also naturally it being a whole other country, but as soon as we landed our guide Shaan took all our worries away being such a friendly and genuinely kind man, it was a smooth ride around the place with him and he was impeccable at his guiding skills. Premium Travel Planner made our experience quite memorable with their excellent service of hotels and travel, an experience which we will share for times to come.

Luis Cu

Right from landing in Delhi to visiting the most beautiful sites in Agra, camel rides in Jaipur, experiencing the most colorful environment in Pushkar, taking in the royal air of Udaipur and all of the time in between it was the most lovely experience with Premium India Tours as they provide the most genuine travel and stay experience with the help of their commendable guides in a very affordable price. Would definitely travel with you again!


It was a wonderful little trip to what we found to be the most vibrant of countries. After the next day of landing, we started our tour with sightseeing in Delhi, magnificent forts, tombs, temples and structures which couldn't have failed to mesmerize us every step of the way. Then we continued on to experience the traditional villages and fort palaces and had the satisfying stay at the heritage hotels. A brilliant experience all in all.

Samuel Beckett

The trip was absolutely excellent, all the venues we visited were delightful and our sojourns at the hotels were pleasant to the very end. I’d give my word for it that Rajasthan is an extremely enjoyable place to visit and it was such gratifying when we went horseback riding, or jumped on one of many safaris or simply took in the pleasant sights on the back of a camel.


Being travel enthusiasts, me and my family like to make our plans by ourselves, and through this agency, we were fully capable of doing that, we created our own itinerary and the rest was very well managed by the agency. I have travelled to countless of places and I can say that this trip was no less extraordinary than the rest, the east is every bit as charming in its ways as the west with its rich culture and geography, would certainly like to come again for another tour.

Peter Chan

Me and my wife had made sudden plans for this getaway and were unsure of this decision, but it would be safe to say that the people of India are quite amiable; the travel agency was professional and cordial in every sense of the words. Was a very refreshing journey to the colorful cities of Rajasthan, so much so that we didn’t want to leave, would definitely make a trip again, two thumbs up!.

Daniela Rios

Our trip was quite smooth and relaxing, thanks to the outstanding comfort of the taxi cabs and hotels we stayed at. I personally am thinking of shifting permanently to Pushkar, the place is just so calm and harmonious; I got such awesome vibrations from the place. The people are very friendly and each site is just prettier than the last that I could go on exploring forever.

Janny Meire

Dear Shaan to thank you for such a nice trip can’t say it would have been the same if we didn’t have you as our companion. He was experienced, informed and a total gentleman. The rooms at the hotels and specially the food were absolutely amazing, finger licking good, even that is an understatement. It was an all around impeccable trip. We would certainly book with Premium India Tours whenever we visit Rajasthan again.


I didn’t even realize when these two weeks ended, I had such a wonderful time, had been waiting for a getaway since so long, glad that I chose Premium Travel Planner , they made my travel experience stress free and allowed me to really enjoy the sites than worry any other detail, everything from accommodations, meals, cabs and guides was swiftly managed by them.


My wife and I planned this trip as a birthday surprise for our daughter, she has always been fascinated with India and we thought why not go all the way to create the perfect birthday for her. We booked with Premium Travel Planner and also planned with them how the big day was going to go, and it was executed just perfectly, with the sunset in the city palace in Udaipur and the lovely candlelight dinner, thank you so much for the great time!


Returning from my little trip to India, I can say that I now have a much deeper understanding of the culture and history of the place. Our guide was a huge help in that matter as he knew a great deal about the past of the Rajasthan and informed us of every minute detail of the relics we saw. A very exciting and interesting trip overall.


There were so many places to visit during this trip of ours and the tour let us absorb each gorgeous sight to our heart’s extent and appreciate fully the beauty that is Rajasthan. The crew was so eager to help us and to tend to every need of ours, it was heart touching. The desert was a sight to look at and the villages embedded in it only magnified its beauty. What a wonderful journey it was.


Rajasthan was fabulous, our kids enjoyed themselves to the fullest, it is a very fun place to enjoy a vacation in. We opted for the rural tour, which took us through the fascinating roots of the land and we really got to see the humble ways in which the people of India to conduct themselves and also witnessed the vividness in their culture.


Premium Travel Planner, we can’t thank you enough for making this the best holiday that we have had in a long long time. We were extremely satisfied and awed with the hotel rooms, nothing less than the finest. The tour plan was absolutely flawless. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience; the memories of all those grandiose forts will be shared and cherished with our family and friends for times to come. I would recommend people to choose you for a trip above anyone else.


We had a marvelous stay in India. The cab services and accommodations were brilliant. Most of my vacations I plan on my own but this time we were glad to go with Premium Travel Planner this time as it was the most joyful of adventures and id say we got an incredible deal. Cabs and accommodations exceeded our expectations. I have suggested your services to all my colleagues and friends – we will be sure to get in touch with you for the next plan of our vacation!


It was a very swift tour through the cities, villages and desert. The driver that the agency assigned was able to maneuver through the narrow paths and get us on our destinations on time for us to enjoy them to the fullest, the tour itself was quite well managed and they did a great job of keeping all our travel companions in a group. We ended our journey from start to finish without a single hiccup in between and it’s all thanks to the absolutely brilliant managing capabilities of our guide Shaan.

Mia Matt

The travel agency has incredible budget packages which enabled us to visit multiple destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Agra and Udaipur. My most memorable time was in Jaipur with the elephant ride to this enchanting fortress of Amber, our guide Mr. Shaan was a huge help during the entire journey.


Shaan, was the finest Travel Agent for the lot of us and was considerate of our specific requirements as he organized our itinerary. Every proposal he made was just brave, keeping in mind our personal likes, time boundations and most importantly, budget. I would definitely travel with Premium Travel Planner again as they made our trip effortless and stress free.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Rajasthan, India and are glad that we toured with Premium Travel Planner. Our guide Mr. Shaan was very sensible and sophisticated and was utmost concerned for our safety and comfort during the whole trip. The desert was such a beauty to look at I would absolutely suggest anyone take this trip at least once in their lifetime.


Just arrived from our captivating trip to Rajasthan, couldn’t once complain about a thing as everything was meticulously planned and was best suited to our personal needs. The language barrier was not an issue after we found our guide to be quite fluent in the language and told us thoroughly about all the sites we visited. It is a very vivid place with amazing culture.


This trip to Rajasthan made a huge difference in the lives of me and my sister; we were looking for an escape from our daily lives and were in need of such a liberating experience. We were worried during our flight if we had made a wrong decision coming to a strange land which we know so little about, but as soon as we landed, we were welcomed in an affable manner and I couldn’t stress enough on how friendly the people of India are. These days spent exploring Rajasthan’s serene land and the ways of its people, was a beautiful revelation in itself.